Traditional music and dance of Manipur, Northeast India

About Seven Sisters Music and Byron Aihara

About Seven Sisters Music and Byron Aihara

Byron Aihara is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer. For the past six years he has centered his work on exploring and documenting the traditional performance arts of the Northeast state of Manipur in India. He has published a book titled, Dance Music and Ritual in Manipur. And is currently completing a second book titled, Their Heart’s Desired, Songs of Manipur’s Ancestors.

A graduate of UCLA’s School of Film and Television, Byron holds a degree in production and film studies.

He has produced and directed a feature documentary, Marriage in Chanderi, several short films and over 20 music videos of traditional musics and dance in Manipur.

Since 2004 Byron has traveled extensively throughout India, Nepal, and Indonesia, living and working on the road mostly in villages and towns. His research is independent. His goal is to present with “new eyes” the living traditional dance, music, and rituals of our world which are endangered and in need of immediate protection. 

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Byron Aihara has published work in Surfer Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler (India), Outlook Traveler, The Hindu, Mumbai Mirror, Discover India’s Northeast Magazine, and other publications. His work has been selected for of the Royal Photographic Society’s annual print exhibition 2020. You can view Byron’s featured profile and gallery sponsored by